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Welcome to Pacwest Outdoors, a newly formed small business fresh to the internet. This website  contains outdoor products for the active sportsperson, camper, hunter and all around outdoors man. I strive to give 100% customer satisfaction and a down home feeling of security for all. I have taken extra steps during the setup of my website to ensure the privacy and security of all customer information. Your personal information is as secure as mine so please grab a beer or a cup of coffee, relax and browse. Hey, you don’t know what you’ll find lacking in your sports gear. Perhaps a riflescope, pocket knife, gun safes, security safe, like a micro vault for a handgun or even a concealed holster. I’m still under construction and now limited to products but adding more each day. Please bookmark me and check back frequently.  Let’s become acquainted and start a friendship based on trust for a long lasting relationship.

My name is Sandy, President of Pacwest Outdoors. I am your contact for questions, resolutions; even offer an ear for your hunting practices or misfortunes. Simply put, I am here for you. I know what you’re thinking, this is not your typical ABOUT US page, and no it is not. The fact is, profit is secondary to the quality of service I offer you, my future customer. Unable to locate an item your interested in, please feel free to move on to another site that might accommodate you or email me and I’ll gladly locate it for you. You don’t see that to often, do you? Customer service and public service is priority here at Pacwest Outdoors. Every relationship must start with a friendship and that is my goal here today. Once we achieve that I’m sure the business connection will follow course.  Pacwest Outdoors is a corporation for legal purposes only. My sole purpose is to help Joe the Plumber, Joe the Mechanic, Joe the Sportsman, Joe the Family man, live within their budget and achieve pleasure in their outdoor activities. A competitive and affordable pricing program is only right. After all if we don’t assist one another who will? I promise to offer the lowest prices I possibly can without violating the manufactures minimum allowances. What do you think? Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? One hand washes the other as the saying goes. We bind together for the good of one and all. Sounds like a campaign speech!! Maybe to some but the truest statement you’ll ever read in a sales pitch.

I hope you will join me in my newest (indoor) adventure and think of me when you’re (outdoors) enjoying yourself with products purchased from Pacwest Outdoors at affordable prices for today’s economy and allowable by the manufacturers. Hunting gear,camping equipment and hunting supplies priced for American families in today’s market.

When I shop online I only make purchases where I can save on shipping and sales tax. I gladly offer this to my customers Free Ground Shipping, no sales tax (outside Washington State only) and delivering within the lower 48 states! I’m sorry, free shipping is not available for sale items and some weight restrictions apply. Shipping charges will apply when customer requests another method of delivery. (Next Day, Express, etc).  Ground Shipping usual delivers within 7 to 10 business days. Currently I only ship to addresses within the US.

Washington State customers, I haven’t forgotten you, your sales tax will be at 4.5% and Pacwest Outdoors will pick up the remainder of 4.25%. Washingtoners also receive free shipping as well. You’ll only find this generosity here at Pacwest Outdoors, where customers become friends first and business associates second.

Thank you and please spread the word.  I’ll be adding some interesting pages shortly. I hope to make this site a favorite for one and all. Let’s celebrate and do it together as friends. Please add me to your favorites or bookmark me for future visits. I try to add new items daily. Enjoy the hunt and stay safe!Below is a link I would like to share with all of my viewers. My Childhood Friend’s Vision Coming
Alive at http://www.atkhchildrensranch.org  The purpose of this ranch is to  establish
a ranch-like setting as a refuge for abused and neglected children. Visit Ana’s
site and follow this amazing miracle in the workings. If you would like
to become part of this miracle please join the $5 a month club on the ranch’s website to make it
happen. All donations are tax deductible and you receive a monthly receipt with
the appropriate tax information for your records.  Become a follower and watch this minimal
offering create a miraculous difference in completing Ana’s vision.

It has been my pleasure meeting you, have a great day and God Bless AMERICA and her brave military.

Pacwest Outdoors

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Vancouver, WA.  98686
Toll Free: 1.888.892.7892

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