Club By-Laws


$150 Deposit due by February 28th
$303 Balance due by April 30th

1) Paid Membership

A) Each paid membership will have a choice on their deer limit for the deer season. (See Harvest Regulations below)

1) You, your spouse, and your children under the age of 16 may hunt under your membership.

2) Your spouses’ deer goes towards your deer quota for your paid membership.

3) Any child under 16 who has never killed a deer will be allowed one deer (buck or doe) without going towards paid members quota. Any deer harvested by them after that will go towards the paid members quota and must fall under PCHC rules.

2) Harvest regulations:

We are attempting to give more options to the members who may only have one place to hunt or those that may want to put more meat in the freezer. PCHC will give you the following options as to how many deer and what you are allowed to harvest.

OPTION 11) You may kill 1 buck meeting club standards of 4 points over one inch on one side. 2) You may also harvest 2 mature does. These 3 deer are all that will be allowed on your paid membership, period.

OPTION 21) All bucks must have 4 points over one inch on one side.

2) If you decide not to shoot a doe you may harvest a 2nd buck. If you shoot a doe you do not have the option of a 2nd buck, period. Your 2nd buck MUST be at least a minimum 4 ½ year old mature buck, no exceptions.

3) After a paid members’ quota is reached and they have either killed a bear or bear season is over, there is no reason for you to continue hunting. This is frowned upon and helps to keep people honest.

4) Each member will have to sign in when entering club property. There will be a place to sign in at both camps. This is just to let everyone know who is, who was, and when they were on the property.

5) Any member shooting a deer that does not meet PCHC’s rules will be fined $350 for the first time. This fine must be paid before you are allowed back on to club property. If fine is not paid by the end of deer season then your membership will be terminated and all monies paid forfeited to club. If there is a second violation, then you will be asked to leave and forfeit your membership.

6) All deer taken will need to be weighed and their field dressed weights put on harvest record at camp. There will be a scale in the map board or you can have your processor weigh it for you. Please take photos of your deer.

7) Each member will need to pull the jawbone or have your taxidermist or processor remove it for you. It needs to come off of the right side of the deer. There will be a bucket with a lid attached to the map board to place jawbones in. Jawbones shall be marked with the corresponding number of their deer on the harvest record.

8) We want to encourage the harvesting of mature bucks. Immature bucks with basket racks will sometimes meet club standards and can be harvested. However, these young deer have great potential and can be a trophy one day if allowed to mature.

9) Any member or their family member that harvest a deer on adjoining property, whether it is National Forest or Private must abide by PCHC’s rules.

10) Any deer taken on adjoining land to PCHC will be applied to you deer quota.

B) Hunting and harvesting all other game animals (except for birds, rabbits or coon) on PCHC will fall under the Georgia DNR Rules and Regulations.

3) Food plots

Due to some years with poor acorn crops, we feel that there is a need for food plots on the property. It will provide the deer with a reason to stay or at least visit our property more frequently. I have seen a few areas that were log landings that could make some decent club food plots.

A) Club Food Plots

1) The food plots will be planted with wheat, oats, corn, grain sorghum, and chufa depending on spring or fall.

2) No one will be allowed to hunt or harvest over these plots other than a youth. Deer will become nocturnal if they get hunted hard and get shot at every time they step into a food plot.

3) Some food plots will be located near member’s areas. Members are allowed to harvest deer in their areas traveling to and from the food plots.

4) Club food plots would require all members helping to clear, plant, and pay for them. We can set an amount to spend on them and divide that by the number of members. Any new member getting in would have it added as part of their dues. We are looking for a 100% in favor of the food plots or the club food plots will not happen.

B) Personal Food Plots

1) Anyone wanting to plant their own personal food plot in their marked area may do so and hunt it as they wish. However, food plot work does not need to be done during a hunting season and all food plot work shall cease by the weekend before bow season.

4) Accessing property:

A) All gates are to remain shut and locked at all times.

5) Traffic on club property:

A) Traffic on the property shall be kept to a minimum at all times.

6) Member’s areas:

A) Primary and Secondary Areas:

1) You will have a primary area and a secondary area. You are not allowed to be hunting in another members’ area without their permission. **Exception – If a club food plot is located near “Member A’s” marked area and “Member B” brought their child to harvest a deer on the food plot. “Member B” can hunt the food plot if “Member A” is not hunting his area that day.

2) Members will have a 150 yard radius around their areas.

3) If you can see another member or his area from the stand you have chosen,please check with the member who was there first to save any kind of argument.

4) Primary and secondary areas need to be chosen and marked on map by the weekend before bow season. If you found an area you like by say March and you do not mark it on the map then anyone who wants to choose that area, even though you scouted it out may do so. If you find it, you want it, mark it on the map ASAP because there will be no maybe spots.

5) Your areas are yours. They are not to be rented out or traded to other members.

6) Any member caught hunting another person’s area without their permission will be asked to leave and they will forfeit their membership.

B) Unmarked Areas

A) Unmarked areas shall remain un-hunted until the first week after Thanksgiving. Starting the week after Thanksgiving, you can hunt somewhere other than your primary and secondary areas as long as you are not intruding on another members’ area(s). This does not mean that you can claim it. You will have that opportunity on January 2nd of the following year.

1) This will provide a little bit of sanctuary in these un-hunted areas to hopefully keep the deer around our property.

2) This will allow those members who put in the 4 or 5 months of scouting for their areas a chance to hunt them without being cut off by someone else. Ex: Member “A” finds good trails and sign coming out of a pine thicket and he puts his stand up along the edge to catch the deer going in or out of pine thicket.Member “B” is out looking around and finds the same trails and sign 150 yards inside that pine thicket and sees no one has claimed that area so he goes in there to hunt from the ground. Member “B” just cut off Member “A” and may have screwed up this area for Member “A” who has had this area scouted for the last 5 months.

3) We want every member to have an opportunity to harvest a deer but we do not want them harvesting a deer at another members expense that has put in a lot of time and effort for his area so choose your areas wisely.

C) Stands and Blinds

1) All stands and blinds are to be approved by the officers before being constructed or put into the woods.

2) Stand locations are to be shown to the officers before season begins. This does not mean shown on the map but to be shown physically.

7) Club Stands:

A) Currently there are two club stands on the property.

1) Jonathan built one near the end of the road on the Nimblewill side.

2) Then the tower that Joe built on the Nimblewill side.

3) All club stands are to be first come – first serve. Any member hunting a club stand is responsible for any damages that they may cause to them. Everyone is expected to inform club representatives of any dangerous issues that a club stand may have. Leave them as you found them – clean and free of trash. There will be a clipboard in each one of these stands. Please write your name, date and time that you hunted and what you saw while in the stand.

8) Guest Days:

A) There will be no guest days.

B) Anyone caught with guest on club grounds hunting will be dismissed and any and all money forfeited to PCHC.

9) Workdays:

A) here will be 4 workdays. Everyone will be notified of the dates of the workdays.

B) Everyone is expected to attend at least 2 workdays. Those failing to attend at least 2 will be fined $150. Fines must be paid in full to PCHC by the weekend before bow season. Any member failing to do this will forfeit any and all monies paid to PCHC as well as their membership.

10) Consumption of Alcohol or drugs:

A) Drugs will not be tolerated of any kind.

B) Consumption of Alcohol

1. Alcohol will be allowed during the evenings around camp.

2. Anyone caught consuming alcohol before going hunting will be asked to go back to camp and stay. Failure to do so will forfeit any and all monies paid to PCHC as well as their membership.

3. Anyone caught consuming alcohol while hunting will be asked to leave club property immediately and will forfeit their membership and all monies paid.

4. Anyone getting drunk and intolerable will be asked to leave the first time, failure to do so or 2nd offense will forfeit any and all monies paid to PCHC as well as their membership.

11) All complaints shall and will be given to club management.

A) If you have a complaint it shall be brought to an officer of the club in writing.

B) All complaints shall be settled by and agreed upon by the officers, NOT the members. As officers, we will take care of all problems as we see fit and they will be addressed in a prompt manner.

12) Baiting:


B) If you are caught baiting during the season, you will forfeit your membership and dues.

C) We will not allow anything to be added to a food plot. i.e. corn, birdseed, or anything else that is not naturally growing from the earth that was planted for the food plot.

D) You may place feed (i.e. corn or high protein feed) around your area prior to the season. It must removed 2 weeks (14) days before the opening of turkey season or bow season.

E) If placing bait in your area you must mark it with flagging tape, either on your feeder or a tree that is close to the feed. Your name must be clearly marked on the tape.

13) Club Deposits:

A) By paying a deposit, PCHC is providing you a guaranteed slot without you having to pay the full amount at one time.

B) There is a lot of time and money that goes into showing the property to cover your slot if you decide to not join at a later date.

C) Once you have made your deposit, there will be NO refund.

D) Full balance of dues shall be paid by April 1st.

14) Campsites:

A) We are all adults; keep your areas clean and free of trash. If we have to pick it up, we will gladly put in your vehicle or camper.

15) Off seasons:

A) There will be no rabbit, coon, or bird hunting allowed. We do not need dogs running all over the property.

B) There will be no skeet shooting. You can join a gun club if you need to do this.

C) Trail riding of any kind is prohibited. If caught you will forfeit your membership and all funds paid.

D) We strive to keep pressure to a minimum on our lease.

We hope each and everyone has a great season. But keep in mind, if you do not follow PCHC’s rules we WILL ask you to leave with no refund. Remember to also review the states regulations as well as the timber companies Recreational use agreement. With a new season approaching we are striving to see some BIG bucks and a good time hunting them. With that being said hunt ethical and hunt safe.